Monday, May 3, 2010

April Net Worth Update

As of the end of April our Net Worth increased to $839,955 from $817,000 for the month which is a 2.81% increase. The stock market has put together a few good months and we are now at a high since our all time high of $849K in October 2007.

The breakout is as follows:
Retirement Accounts $426,715
Taxable Accounts $139,760
Cash $23,391
Home $205,000
Cars $7,800
Personal Property $3,000
Kids 529 Accounts $34,289

Here is the summary for this month:

The market continues to rebound and we continue to purchase additional stock this year. Our Net Worth increased the past month due to an increase in the stock market. We are still debt free since we paid off our credit card debt. We will continue to use our credit cards for rewards but payoff the balances each month. I received $94 in dividends for the month and have used the cash from these dividends to make additional stock purchases of our dividend stocks but I have not been adding much extra money.

We will be building up our cash over the next few months to increase our cash reserves. You can click on my Net Worth graph on the right to see the changes in each category from the previous month. I continued funding our Roth IRA's each month.

I will post my Dividend Income Update on Tuesday.


Editor said...

Congratulations on your net worth increase. I hope to reach the same benchmark you have set for us future millionaires. :)

I look forward to your dividend income report.

Div Guy said...

Thanks, It has been nice with the markets going in the right direction. I just want slow and steady growth.

AG said...
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Another fine post