Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Dividend Income Update

My Annualized Dividend Income as of the end of March increased to $6,302 from $6,230 over the past month. This means my dividend stocks will pay $6,302 in dividends over the next 12 months.

I made around $700 of dividend stock purchases for the past month from new purchases and dividend distributions. The stock market was up for the month and we continue to see companies increasing their dividends this year.

I sold off shares of ACAS stock that was no longer paying dividend and will sell others that are not paying dividends throughout the year and add a few hundred dollars a month to our dividend paying stocks.

Most of my stocks are held in my Zecco Trading account and the rest are DRIPs. The dividends from my stocks are reinvested but I am keeping track of the amount of income I could receive once I retire or choose to receive the dividends in cash.

I will post my Top 20 Stock Holdings on Thursday.


Jack said...

With over $600k in investments, why are you pulling down only $6k a year in dividends? With a 4% dividend yield, seems to me you should be over $20k per year in dividends.

Also, interested to see the dividend stocks.

Anonymous said...

Same question Jack had above.

Jack said...

Maybe he means quarterly distribution when he says "annual"?

Div Guy said...

Jack and Anon, the $6K in dividends is from my taxable stock account which had a current value of $145K. This is a yield of about 4.3%. The rest of my assets are in retirement accounts. I am growing this account to help pay income in retirement.