Monday, March 4, 2013

February Net Worth

As of the end of February our Net Worth increased to $1,115,402 from $1,110,399 for the month which is a 0.45% increase. We are still slowly moving above the $1M barrier which we first broke in March. The increase in net worth is tied to the increase in the stock market for the past month.

The breakout is as follows:

Retirement Accounts $584,934
Taxable Accounts $166,278
Cash $50,655
Home $205,000
Other Real Estate $147,500
Cars $15,800
Personal Property $3,000
Kids 529 Accounts $51,910

Other Mortgage $107,661
Car Loan $2,014


We use our credit cards for rewards but pay off the balances each month. We are starting to reinvest our dividends received this month and will use a small part to continue paying down debt.

We also have a car loan of $2,014 since we purchased a new car in October 2011.

We will be paying down debt and trying to building up our cash over the next few months to increase our cash reserves. You can click on my Net Worth graph on the right to see the changes in each category from the previous month. We continue to fund our Roth IRA's each month.

I will post my Dividend Income Update on Tuesday.


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